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We asked participants what they enjoyed most about their training courses with us:


Tracheostomy Annual Update course:


“I could practice until I felt confident. Session was very lively. Trainers knew how to make us confident”


“Attitude of trainers, very real and personable”

Non-Invasive Ventilation course:


“Practical side, because it shows us what we have learnt during the clips and slides”

“The friendliness of the trainers”

“I really enjoyed the practical side of the course because I learn better this way”

“I enjoyed all of it”


Tracheostomy Awareness course:


“It really built up our confidence with the hands-on approach”

“Practical and informative. Really clear”

“Knowledge and flexibility of trainers and new skills”


“Learning how to suction”

Tracheostomy Sign-off course:


“The nursing/teaching staff are so lovely, confident and patient”

“Individualised, really tailored to our needs”

“Practical as opposed to thinking about it”

“Trainers were excellent”

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